Step by Step Guides

Step 1

Remove all contents

Whether you’re using the provided bucket or using the 25KG pack, pour and mix both part A and B into a bucket using a paddle whisk.

Step 2

Add 3/4 water using resin bottle

Add 3/4 water to the empty resin bottle and mix again thoroughly. Add a little more water if needed. 

Step 3

Empty the sandbag into the mix

Open the bag of sand and empty all of the contents into the resin and water mix bucket. 

Step 4

Continue mixing

Mix for the final time in a circular and up and down motion until the contents are fully mixed. 

Step 5

Prepare the area for application

Clean the whole area to be pointed and dampen the surface then empty the compound on to the wet surface. 

Step 6

Brushing process

Using a stiff Nylon Brush apply the compound over the whole surface of the area being jointed. Finally, ensure that all excess sand particles are brushed off the surface.

Step 7

Completed process

Keep off until the compound has fully dried *See weather instructions. 

Let's talk about the weather

is residual an all weather product?

No, ResiDual is affected by rain soon after application, so it is important to ensure the product is applied during dry conditions.

Can the curing process be affected in cold weather?

Yes, during cold weather, the curing process is extended which will result in the product being damaged by rainfall in its curing process.

Can ResiDual be affected by temperature?

Yes, ResiDual should not be used if temperatures should fall below 5oC. Temperatures below 5oC will seriously affect the curing process.

Can I cover up after the application process?

Yes, providing an air flow under the sheet is maintained during the curing process.

Are there any important steps to take before starting the application?

We recommend all the resins and sand are to be pre-warmed prior to mixing. We also recommend that warm water is added to the mixture if temperatures are below 5oC – 8oC.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns please review our FAQ page. Alternatively, visit our contact us page and we’ll be happy to assist you.