The Revolutionary Jointing Compound

ResiDual is quick, durable and convenient to professionally joint a variety of paving stones.

Why use ResiDual?

ResiDual is developed and manufactured in Great Britain providing you with the ultimate and easiest way to point your paving. We are passionate about providing you with the very best long lasting pointing solution to keep your paving and joints looking tip top!

We offer professional support and guidance so you can achieve the best possible results.


Preventing water pooling and ensuring long-term durability of the paved area.

Self Levelling

Self compacting across the surface, ensuring a smooth and level finish.

Long Lasting

Designed to withstand the test of time and provide durable jointing results.

Stops Weeds

Effectively prevents weed growth, providing a reliable solution.

Discover the sands

Discover the sands

Discover the sands

Discover the sands


Basalt Blend Grey

Dove Grey

Absolute Black

With its warm and inviting tone, this sand colour evokes a sense of tranquillity and harmony. Like grains shaped by the ebb and flow of time, Natural Sand points the way with a timeless charm, making it a perfect choice for your flag-jointing needs.

A captivating hue inspired by the rugged elegance of volcanic landscapes. Its cool and sophisticated shade effortlessly blends with the surrounding environment, providing a subtle yet striking contrast to your flags.

A colour that emanates elegance and grace. With its soft and gentle tone, this sand colour creates a serene and calming atmosphere, lending a touch of sophistication to your pointing flags.

A colour that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression. As darkness meets texture, this sand colour exudes a sense of mystery and strength, strikingly contrasting your flags.

ResiDual 20KG Bucket

ResiDual 20KG buckets are designed to mix the contents using the supplied bucket right away to save the time and hassle of buying your own bucket before applying the product. All the information you need can be found on the back of the buckets or download our step by step guide

• Part A + B Resin
• Selected sand colour

*Please note availability on some colour sands may vary depending on stockist.

ResiDual 25KG Kit

ResiDual 25KG kits are more beneficial for larger area jobs. Dove grey is not available in the 25KG kits as this is an exclusive colour to the 20KG buckets. 

• Part A + B Resin
• Selected sand colour

*Please note availability on some colour sands may vary depending on stockist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might have about ResiDual, answered all in one place.

Yes. We offer 4 unique sand colours. Natural, Basalt Blend Grey, Dove Grey and Absolute Black. Please note, Dove Grey is a 20KG bucket exclusive.

ResiDual is fully cured in approximately 24 hours on a warm day and slightly longer during winter months.

No, ResiDual is self compacting.

No, ResiDual is affected by rain soon after application, so it is important to ensure the product is applied during dry conditions.

We recommend all the resins and sand are to be pre-warmed prior to mixing in cold weather. We also recommend that warm water is added to the mixture if temperatures are below 5oC – 8oC.